How does PPC work? We send a list to each client in order to settle on a number of streamlined keywords that are highly relevant and industry specific. Once the team has devised this list of keywords and negotiated with the client we then bid on Google for the rights to these keywords. However much we can bid depends on the budget which has been supplied by you, the client. Popular keywords will be more expensive while unpopular keywords will be relatively inexpensive. For example, a popular keyword like “storage” will be more expensive per click than a niche keyword like “quail eggs”. Making sense? However much we bid will be the amount you pay every time a user clicks through on one of your keywords. Herein lies the beauty of the system, because you only pay if a user clicks through and visits your site!

We strive to create strong, long lasting relationships with our clients. That is why we don’t just set up your campaign, but we manage it too. The reason being is that Google calculates a quality score for each keyword. Higher quality scores means a reduced CPC (cost per click), and a higher Ad ranking, pushing your business further up the Google results list. Our constant management and monitoring of our clients keywords, identifying which keywords are producing more effective results, allows us to achieve lower CPC which results in more clicks and traffic to our client’s site. In doing this we hope that increased traffic will create further leads, and these leads will result in increased revenue for our client’s.