The growth of social media over the last five years has been exponential. If you don’t know what social media is here’s a short definition: Social media is one of the most powerful tools in the online marketer’s arsenal, period! Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ provide a platform for free sharing and online interaction between individuals. These platforms also provide an invaluable opportunity for companies and brands to connect with consumers and gather vital customer feedback while also greatly improving customer service. This company/customer interaction has become such an important component in commerce that 69% of consumers say they are more likely to use a business if it has a social media site.

 Social media platforms can be used in many advantageous ways by the savvy business owner. From posting pictures of events and products, to spreading the word about promotions and interacting with customers on a one-on-one basis, social media is becoming an integral part of business. So much so that 93% of marketers are using social media to promote their businesses. That is an astronomical amount of people who are using these exciting social markets to advance their businesses, and if your business is not represented on these platforms then you have to ask yourself why.

There are currently over 850 million users on Facebook. Technically your businesses potential Facebook profile will be available to all of these users. That is a massive, global market that will be able to link up with your business. This increases the reach of your business and also opens the door for potential employees, business partners and investors. In short, nowadays it is imperative that your company is represented in the digital space and across social media platforms, and if you expect success from your business venture then a social presence is non-negotiable.

The great news is that you don’t have to do it yourself. We offer full support regarding your social media campaign and complete guidance to ensure that your company is effectively marketed on these exciting platforms. We create fresh, goal driven content which is published on your companies Facebook profile either once or twice a month. We ensure that we are up to date with all the latest trends and developments in the digital space, so we may use these to effectively market your company.
Ensure that your company is present on the world’s most popular online activity; social media. The world is forever changing and there is no use fighting it. Embrace these changes and use them as best you can to further yourself and your business. Indeed, if one does not move with the times, one will be left behind.