It is widely regarded that since 2002 the relevancy of online directories has decreased significantly. Indeed, most users begin their quest for content on search engines such as Google, using these platforms as the base for their research. While no one can undermine the efficiency of search engines it is somewhat narrow minded and uninformed to declare that web directories, such as Easyinfo, are obsolete.

Currently web directories are dominated by search engine, but this was not always the case. In days gone by web directories were trusted over search engines. This was due to the fact that search engines were easily hacked and manipulated by individuals who created poor quality, low content websites, engaged in paid linking, spam commenting and plagiarism. These individuals became known as black hat marketers. However, due to improved security through the introduction of new algorithms search engines managed to clamp down on black hat marketing and by the mid 2000’s a large amount of online users were engaging with search engines as their preferred method of hunting down valuable content.

There are some searches which are more suited to, and yield better results, on web directories than search engines. For example, if you are looking for a short list of highly relevant content; search engine is the way to go. However, if you wish to search for content across a category and receive a list of websites that match up with that category then web directory sites are a much better bet. While search engines are effective at finding relevant content, it may take a long time to locate content on a niche subject. One would need to experiment with a number of different terms and may become frustrated by the regeneration of high ranking sites which dominate the front page for numerous keywords. Despite this, search engines continue to be the preferred medium for content searches while web directories are mostly used by the older generation who prefer the idea of searching via a category rather than keywords.

This being said, web directories still hold value for the business owner. While these directories may not generate the amount of traffic they did in the past they still provide invaluable back-links for SEO purposes which ultimately increases the websites Google ranking. These backlinks are still held in high regard by search engines, as long as they come from a reputable web directory. Often these back-links are exploited, leading to link farms and other black hat sites.

Therefore, in order to make web directories work for you and your business a clear cut strategy is needed. This is where we come in and help out. We use Easyinfo, the first and leading online directory in South Africa. Easyinfo has developed a cross media presence over the years, extending from online, to print, and recently mobile platforms in order to provide a valuable information service to its users. We work closely with this reputable and reliable web directory to create effective SEO campaigns to generate back-links to your website which will increase the traffic to your website and improve your Google ranking.