Every day we go onto Google, type in what we want to know, and just like that pages of results appear in front of us. In a flash we move on, more often than not clicking through on the top result, and carrying merrily on with our day. How often do we think about how that search result made it to number one? How often do we ask why it made it to the top of Google’s list? If we’re honest we don’t, do we? We simply accept it for what it is. Besides, we have far more important things to do, right?

What if we told you that 33% of search engine traffic goes to the highest ranked search result? Thirty-three percent! That is a large portion of searchers all clicking through to the same site, and why? One reason: It’s the result that came up first. Now, any savvy business owner looking at a stat like that must be licking their lips and thinking, “How do I get there?” That’s where we come in.
We use the Google Search Tools to optimise your online campaign and generate the highest possible amount of traffic to your site which is then converted into leads for your business. Our campaign managers work closely with designers and SEO managers to develop industry specific keywords which are then built into your Ad copies and website. This is called PPC Advertising (pay per click).


 Our goal is to attract strangers who have a clear intent to your site with relevant and high quality keywords. Through these keywords and in their search for informative content they land on your site as visitors. These visitors then become business leads which are then hopefully converted into customers, and eventually become business promoters of our client’s site. This is what is known as inbound marketing and it generates a massive 54% more leads than traditional outbound marketing tactics, such as radio and television.
We guarentee you will get business and sales from every click. Guarenteed by us and supported by Google.
So, you see, Google Search Tools is the present and most definitely the future of online marketing for business owners. Rest assured that our teams are constantly adapting to digital trends to offer you, the client, the best possible service. Let us put your business at the top of the Google results list, and we’re confident that you’ll notice a massive influx of business leads and potential customers.

If you are interested in taking this Google Advertising journey with us please contact us on +27 11 628 9600 or at info@searchnetworx.co.za .