The process is very simple, we take your existing website and optimise the text and images for mobile devices. We then create a sub domain for the mobi website and add a script that redirects all mobile traffic to the mobi version of your site.

Why go mobile?

  • Currently there are 3 times more mobile phones than computers in the world.
  • You should control how your brand appears on all those cell phones.
  • The most important aspect however is the content and how it is presented


Mobile is the 7th mass media; it is fast becoming a mainstream marketing channel both abroad and in South Africa. All companies should understand how they can capitalise on mobile technologies to enhance customer service and drive sales and revenue, and incorporate mobi sites into their overall marketing strategy.

In summary; the main benefits of mobile marketing are:

  • Mobile has up to 15 times higher response rates than traditional media (Forrester Research)
  • It is the most personal, engaging, interactive and direct form of customer communication
  • It enables companies to reach their customers whenever and wherever they are
  • It is highly accountable and generates measurable return on marketing investments
  • It enables companies to create immediate interaction with their target audience at point of purchase
  • There is the potential for self-funding promotional campaigns
  • It enhances customer loyalty and brand equity
  • Mobile phones can be used as a simple and effective payment mechanism


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