Search Networx offers a variety of Conversion Tracking products such as Admeter, Audiometer, Callmeter and Leadmeter.

What is admeter?

  • Admeter was designed to help businesses understand which of their advertisements work best for them.
  • Advertise an admeter telephone number in your selected media and admeter will automatically calculate the cost per call from each.


This will enable you compare the efficiency of your advertising and focus your advertising budgets on the media that works.

The following call management products have been designed to help unlock the potential within your business:

  • Admeter
  • Audiometer
  • Callmeter
  • Leadmeter


Each product works by assigning a AdMeasure telephone number to your business and forwarding all calls received to your normal business line or cell phone. AdMeasure products can be purchased separately or in any combination.

What is Audiometer?

Audiometer was designed to help businesses understand how their staff are managing their customers.

  • Advertise an audiometer telephone number and all your inbounds calls will be recorded and the call recording becomes available on the audiometer web dashboard as soon as the call terminates.
  • Audiometer assists with:
    • Mystery Shopper Initiatives
    • Customer Service Training
    • Sales Training
    • Customer Conflict Resolution
    • Obtaining Marketing Opt-ins
  • Calls with call recording enabled are intercepted prior to connection
  • A message plays saying calls are recorded for quality and training purposes *
  • Calls are recorded for the duration of the call, including any internal transfers made


* The call recorded notification can be customised


What is callmeter?

Callmeter was designed to help businesses make the most of their inbound call opportunities.

With callmeter you can:

  • Capture the telephone numbers of missed callers (calls that were unanswered or engaged)
  • Send SMS to missed callers (cell phones and land lines if required)
  • Generate reports which detail the time of day when most missed calls occur


When a missed call alert is generated, callmeter also sends an SMS to the missed caller. This can be sent to cell phones and landlines. The SMS copy is controlled by you in the callmeter dashboard.

What is leadmeter?

Leadmeter was designed to help businesses build opt-in lead databases.

With leadmeter you:

  • Get the option to create marketing folders in leadmeter
  • Following each call, assign callers numbers and contact details to a specific marketing folder
  • Send broadcast SMS to all the numbers stored within a specific marketing folder


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Callmeter was designed to help businesses make the most of their inbound call opportunities.